International Courier Rates

  • Nainsukh delivers at your doorstep using DHL worldwide.
  • These are negotiated prices (up to 40% less) exclusive for NS customers.
  • The delivery time is between 48 hours uto 7 days depending on the region.
  • These prices are for 0.5 kg which means a maximum of 3 articles can be included.
  • Covid-19 update: Please note that the prices and delivery timing may vary amid coronavirus pandemic.
Region or Country NS Negotiated Rates
Dubai  Rs. 3,000
Canada, Middle East, U.S. Rs. 3,500
Australia, Europe Rs. 4,500
Far East Rs. 5,000
Other Countries* Rs. 3,500 - 8,500


* For the exact rates in your country, please drop us a WhatsApp message at   +92-330-EYEWEAR (3939327).